Unfortunately, these systems have poor support or no support at all for the USB 2. In contrast, a Pentium 4, 3. Simple set up and navigation. Include the product and power supply if applicable. How this can be fixed?

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We will only accept returns that we have an Epiphan issued RMA number for the product in question. The Epiphan USB device driver for linux come as a set of pre-compiled binaries and additional source files that you may need to compile before installing on your computer. With the click of a button, professionals can capture and record input from any device with a VGA signal. The algorithm may make a mistake, however, and be off by a few pixels.

Your right to use the Software is conditioned upon Your timely payment of the full amount of fees due for: The video grabber is compatible with Video4Linux, so you can use any Video4Linux application for capture.

Use of the Epiphan Hardware Products, Software and Documentation is further restricted by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the applicable commercial purchase agreement for the Epiphan Hardware Products. All Licensor product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epiphan Systems Inc.

Epiphan provides drivers and an API for linux, but does not provide a capture application. Sample applications Epiphan provides some sample applications including a sample capture application, a sample settings application and eppiphan sample utility for reading and writing EDIDs. Supports USB and network video grabbers. It depends on the resolution of your screen, the screen refresh rate, your operating system and the speed of the computer that is acquiring the images.


Once you’ve drilled into the version of linux for which you want the drivers, click the file links to download a compressed file with everything you’ll need to compile and install the driver. Please contact us in advance of purchase to verify that we can support any other kernel or distribution.


We are always looking for ways to improve our system and may be willing to add support for this mode. Buy Epiphan products from our partners epipha from our online store. Please ensure that the Epiphan issued RMA number is clearly marked on the outside of your return package. Is the driver’s code open source? You acknowledge and agree that linuux rights in respect to the source code of the Software are granted to You.

Results can be anywhere from 5 to 60 frames per second. Consult the Technical Specifications for capture rates based on resolution. How this can be fixed? Get answers about Epiphan products before you buy.

To verify that your system has USB 2. Download Version Platform Notes Download 3.


In contrast, a Pentium 4, 3. To verify that your system has USB 2. The Open Source Vga2uusb may include free software i. Licensor may terminate this Agreement immediately by providing You with written notice if: Images grabbed from some sources appear to be slightly shifted right or left.

For the linu of any applicable government use, the Epiphan Hardware Products, Software and Documentation were developed exclusively at private expense, and are trade secrets of Epiphan Systems Inc. If we determine a product is defective and it is still under warranty, we will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization RMA number.

Styrofoam peanutsas this can damage electronics.

VGA2USB LR drivers, documentation and software

Telestream DirectShow Microsoft Quicktime. Please contact us if you need a driver compiled for a specific kernel version or kernel setting. Is the driver’s code open source? Notwithstanding the foregoing, You may call public APIs made available by Epiphan in the Software from applications developed by or on Your epipban provided that such applications do not embed any of the Software other than the minimum linkage materials required to call separately running instances of the Software.