Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? I’ve trying to configure my graphics card recently Via CN and it crashed. What should I do? This solution helps to prevent system freezing, specially with OpenGL applications, games, screensavers, and Wine see Launchpad bug I believe I should get it from here , but should I get 0. Did you miss your activation email?

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Find More Posts by Ztcoracat. Commands for checking out source code, patching files, or compiling don’t need sudo. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Most card chipsets include the RAMDAC function inside the 3D accelerator chip but some are seperate that allow a second display to work at different refresh rates than the fn700 display.

VIA CN/P4M Pro/P4M CE/VN Graphics

June 25, Your approval is not needed. With this solution you won’t have 3D acceleration 3D applications will be slowbut your system won’t freeze. I dont get it. There is no good 3D driver because VIA has not released enough chipset specifications to free software developers.

Every decision you make holds meaning affecting your next decision. This is a sensible solution for those that don’t care about desktop effects or games.

openchrome(4) – Linux man page

He states that ” Digging deep into the details of a particular graphics card and determining what type of memory a particular card uses is difficult” Most cards have MIB but you probably already know that- Triple buffering allocates more memory for 3D you can adjust the buffering mode c7n00 by 3D card through it’s properties sheet. As I don’t really now what have I done, I’d like to clean my card configuration, and configure it properly.


Laptop users may have to avoid 3D applications altogether.

If you’re lucky, deleting your xorg. Then, I tried to create a proper xorg.

Then, it was nearly perfect, but screensaver was still low as I said, glxgears was less than a thousand frames per second. It was just whatever changes you made that made your resoution drop to x Click on Install Drivers.

Gimme just a hand on this so I can understand a bit of the scenario: Visit the following links: It is not evident what exactly is being installed, or why the instructions ask to use some files linxu Ubuntu 8.

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Libux you feel unsure, best is to stick to the drivers in the repositories. If it isn’t up to date, how can I update it, even if it is for a nightly version?


In this case you can add the “Module” section to the beginning of the file, and your options will override the X Server’s defaults. However in fullscreen mode I have the same problem I have on Youtube. My recommend is roll with vesa.


The other option would be to not install it, but then GL would not be available. After searching a bit through the net, I installed Openchrome video driver using Ubuntu’s wiki. You may enable debug options to troubleshoot the driver in case it doesn’t work: If not no problem at all, Linux Lite brought this old machine back to life so I really couldn’t linnux for more.

OpenChrome – Community Help Wiki

I now have an x resolution forever not sometimesbut a quick glxgears nearand when I start the computer, it throws me an error as a notification in the upper-right side that the configuration could not be applied.

I apologise if I’m being too noob but this is a subject I know very few closer to nothing about. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. What about changing the video driver, could it help? As well as this it seems that now screensavers and glxgears ok, they are not benchmarks go quick, but I don’t know why Thanks.