I was able to unzip the contents of the instrument driver, place it in the instr. I have three frames in a flat sequence structure, the first two are for start up with parameters I need , the third one contains a while loop, inside which is my testing code, I am going to put my restart code there. I think it’s due to the version of my Labview, I am using 8. Message 3 of 4. My issue is that as soon as the program makes its first command to the device, and indefinitely after, all the real instrument controls on the actual Agilent device cease to function. Accepted by topic author DennonO.

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But I think the and together can realize the function lavview That way, when you want to restart, you just jump to the state which has all your startup code in it. Agilent has no plans to further review it or to formally release it.

Solved: How to stop GPIB Instrument lock? – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Instrument Driver Request Hope that helps! Message 5 of 9. This not actively supported by NI and is not a certified driver.


Hi, I am writting a program in Labview 8.

There are several different E drivers. I am writting a program in Labview 8. Thanks a lot for your help. Thanks for your help! You can get the latest drivers from the home page in the Agilent site. I just thought I would give the forum a try before I got too far in to the driver modifications.

Raj National Instruments Applications Engineer. Message 7 of 9.

I have three frames in a flat sequence structure, the first two are for start up with parameters I needthe third one contains a while labvirw, inside which is my testing code, I am going to put my restart code there. Like mentioned earlier, you may want to try Agilent and see if any other resources are available.

Message 9 of 9.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies E1968A

I cannot drag any symbol to the block screen. Well, I repeated those exact same steps with that driver from that location and there is no dll included in the zip and dropping any function on the block diagram prompts a search for the dll.

Instrument Driver Network As a final step you can submit instrument driver requests labvjew National Instruments at lsbview following location: This input accepts the following values.

Most test equipments work about the same way.

Most Active Software Boards: For that restart code, I am not sure wheather it is the best way Or only way to copy the subvis in the first and second frames into the loop since my restart procesure is exactly as one for startor I could have some tricky methods to do it. Your best option is to go lxbview a state machine. I bring up this topic again to see anyone can help. Message 4 of 4. These two together can do what the EC does.


For more information on developing your own driver if that is a feasible route!

Message 2 of 5. As found on the NI drivers page, this particular instrument driver uses the E Agilent driver and as such, you would need to find that driver and install it for this to work correctly.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Changing the extension does NOT change the file format. What could be the issue?

I download the instrument driver from the NI.